Everything that Made Me Happy in April

I keep a notebook in which I write down everything that makes me happy. By tradition, once a month, I’ll share the things I wrote. For more information, this post explains how this tradition began.

Here’s everything that made me happy in April, 2021.

  • Patterned envelopes
  • Glass water bottles
  • “Does a waterfall move?”
  • Receiving flowers
  • People saying that I remind them of book characters
  • Waking up from a good dream
  • The Postal Service
  • People telling me that they admire me
  • Positive group chats
  • Cosplay
  • Fancy canes
  • GIFs
  • Pretty bullet journal spreads
  • Boosts of motivation
  • Flowering trees
  • Groups of people laughing together
  • Small community non-profit organizations
  • Lists of prayer requests and praises
  • Thoughtful essays
  • Overhearing funny conversations
  • Getting lost in conversations
  • Antidepressants
  • Dogs wagging their tails
  • The peculiar ways that cats communicate
  • Carpooling
  • Feeling home in places that aren’t home
  • God’s providence and understanding
  • Coffee beans
  • Jokes (in good faith) about my cane
  • Learning life lessons
  • Paper straws
  • Friends on their birthdays 
  • James 1:27
  • “You give me courage”
  • Hilariously odd books from thrift stores
  • Having positive days in a thundercloud of bad days
  • Curiosity
  • Encouraging messages from people I admire
  • The words “I miss you”
  • Drinking chai at midnight
  • Being productive
  • Medieval Islamic art
  • Water
  • Dogs with strong personalities
  • Wearing a t-shirt and shorts
  • Buy-one-get-one-free
  • Post office boxes
  • Writing letters to strangers
  • Talking with someone for so long that we lose track of time and the hours go by, and before we know it, it’s midnight
  • “Can you write down what you just said, so I can always remember it?”
  • Spontaneously meeting friends
  • Ticking things off a to-do list
  • Vegan donuts
  • Remembering funny little events
  • A wholesome psychiatrist
  • Peanut butter cup smoothies
  • Magnolia trees
  • Deep and insightful conversations
  • Writing down a compliment someone gave me in my notebook
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Screenwriting
  • Old Jimmy Fallon episodes
  • Third Culture Kids
  • Apartments hidden in New York Libraries
  • Feeling lighter than usual
  • Being home alone
  • Asking Doordash deliver drivers if they’re “single”
  • Tiny houses
  • “Happy” brain chemicals
  • Icy drinks
  • Timelapse videos
  • Woodpeckers
  • Telling stories from Summer Camp
  • Dunkin Donuts drive-thrus
  • Plaid flannels
  • Books arriving in the mail
  • Talking to people from college
  • Human beings that emulate wonder + daydreams
  • Young people doing big things
  • Those “when can we see each other?” texts
  • Oreo pudding parfait
  • Conifer trees
  • Pennsylvania country towns
  • Woodpeckers
  • Pretty stamps
  • Singing Broadway show tunes at the top of my lungs
  • Milo the Goat
  • Kaz Brekker holding a GOAT
  • Watching my favourite book characters talking to each other???
  • People watching the TV Show I’m obsessed with
  • Explaining the complicated backstory of book series
  • “The Whole Being Dead Thing” from Beetlejuice the Musical
  • Pretty sets of books in boxes
  • Hugging my dog like a teddy bear
  • Doing well on an assignment
  • Professors who care about their students
  • Insomnia cookies 
  • Freshly brushed hair 
  • People-watching

Keep wandering,

TALK TO ME! Comments make my day. What are your thoughts? What made YOU happy in April?

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  1. Peanut butter cup smoothies? I need to know more about these…

    Also, I’ve been wanting to try Insomnia Cookies! And Gilmore Girls and Shadow and Bone also made me very happy in April!! (I’m only here for the food and the TV shows lol XD)

    1. I had one from Tropical Smoothie Cafe! But I feel like there should be some good recipes to make them at home…I always do peanut butter smoothies with banana, almond milk, and vanilla. Maybe if I put some chocolate chips in it too!!

      Insomnia Cookies is soo good!! I’d definitely recommend it. Yessss XD

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