Everything That Made me Happy in March

This month has been a journey. My health, as usual, hasn’t been the best, and I’ve been constantly craving rest. But I made a lot of small and wonderful memories. I’m finally done with midterms and starting spring break. Now, in the midst of a much-needed rest, I’m looking back on the month and recognizing that there were a lot of little good things.

Every time something makes me happy, I write it down in a little burned-orange-colored notebook. I recently began a monthly tradition of posting everything that I wrote, here, on my blog. Here’s that lovely list for March!

  • The story of the minotaur
  • Parody songs
  • Saying “good morning!”
  • Conversations with baristas at coffee shops
  • Writing letters to strangers
  • Morning visits to cafes 
  • Waking up early before my alarm 
  • Feeling like I want to dance!
  • Poetry reading events
  • Poetry that makes me think about the beginnings and seams of the universe
  • Winter berry + spruce
  • Hygge
  • Positive comments under youtube videos
  • Memoirs that feel like slices of someone’s life
  • The beauty of small things in childhood
  • “The mystery of art”
  • Learning oddly comical details of my parents childhood
  • Awful TV shows from the ’80s that are so bad, they’re funny
  • Receiving sweet letters in the mail
  • Wedding invitations
  • Stamp collections
  • The Beatles
  • Sentimental songs
  • New music that makes me cry
  • Learning to crochet
  • Conversations on the porch outside
  • Phone calls with elderly patients
  • Hand-me-down jewelry 
  • Cross necklaces
  • Chinese food after a long day
  • Newspapers
  • Strangers saying, “I wish I could hug you”
  • Losing track of time because of the people you’re talking to
  • Nicholas Cage’s face placed on a mug
  • Spring flowers beginning to bloom
  • Nostalgic YouTube videos
  • Small community grocery stores
  • Powered wheelchairs at grocery stores
  • Arab sweets
  • Lovely comments + connections on social media
  • Bright skies in the morning
  • Philosophy club
  • Yemeni honey
  • Boosts of energy
  • Small walks 
  • A hidden street with historical abandoned buildings
  • Dangly earrings
  • Sugary iced lattes
  • Helpful healthcare workers
  • Being offered a cup of water
  • Writing prose
  • Balls of yarn 
  • Knit teddy bears
  • My friends’ art
  • Yellow flowers
  • Warm weather
  • British period films 
  • Emotional indie movies 
  • Being able to sit outside (comfortably) for the first time during the beginnings of spring
  • Hearing the doorbell ring after waiting for delivery food to arrive
  • The cozy atmosphere of sitting by a window while it’s raining outside
  • Late-night phone calls with friends
  • Broadway cast albums
  • Ben Barnes 
  • Leigh Bardugo
  • Lo-fi
  • Studying with other people
  • Playing jeopardy on video call
  • The beginnings of a much-needed break

Keep wandering,

TALK TO ME! Comments make my day. What made you happy this month?

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