Beginning Blogmas! (+ my December Bucket List)

It’s December! It’s amazing that after all of this, the last month of 2020 has finally arrived. I feel like I’m embracing the last loop of a long rollercoaster.

Not only is December the joyous month of Advent, but it’s Blogmas! I decided, very nervously, that I’d be hopping along and joining it myself.

What’s that? Blogmas—similar to Vlogmas in the Youtube realm—is where bloggers post every day for December leading up till Christmas. Think of it as a blogging Advent calendar.

I’m super excited. And hope that you’ll follow me along on my journey!

This past November has also been great for the Socially Distanced Autumn Challenge that I hosted! I thought I’d carry on and propose another challenge—the 2020 Christmas Bucket List.

I’ll be attempting these things and sharing about it on my Instagram. I’d love for anyone else to hop along and complete the bucket list themselves!

I won’t be hosting any events for this, or doing anything major—it will just be a small, fun way to enhance the upcoming month.

Keep Wandering,

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