The 2020 Tea-Stained Adventures Pen-Pal Exchange!

Hello, fellow adventurers!

These past few months have been a wild journey. The world has been swirling through a pandemic, leaving me dizzy and frustrated. Meanwhile, I’ve been writing articles and making plans to re-launch this blog. I’m very proud to announce that I’m finally taking that step and re-launching today!
Since it’s been months since my last article here, I’ve published a special post. Click here to read “My Dad, COVID-19, and Other Things I’ve Learned Lately. As well, to celebrate my return, I’m hosting a huge event specifically for you—my readers
I am very excited to announce…


The 2020 Tea-Stained Adventures Pen-Pal Exchange!

Here’s how it works:

  • Anyone who wishes to participate must fill out the form below
  • All participants will receive a likewise pen-pal based on their replies
  • Everyone will be informed of their pen-pal by August 17th
  • There will be prompts and ideas to get everyone started!

Joining is completely free! The form will close on August 14th, 12pm EST. 

EDIT: The form is now closed. Pen-pals will be paired up by August 17th. Please check your emails in the meantime to find your pair!

Your safety is my biggest concern. Please reach out to me if you have any issues regarding your pen pal.


If you’re confused about anything, here are some answers to potential questions:

What is a pen-pal?

Pen-pals are friends, oftentimes ones who have not met in person, who talk to each other through pen and paper.  

When are pen-pals assigned? How long will this be happening?

The form will close on August 14th. Pen-pal assignments will occur before August 17th. For the next following four weeks, participants will receive emails with prompts, ideas, and surveys. However, any pen-pals may continue corresponding for as long as they wish!

What about minors?

Minors may participate with parental permission. They must state their exact birthday on the form. Minors will be paired with other minors close to their age. 

What if my pen-pal doesn’t send their letter/respond to me?

If your pen pal is not communicating with you, please email me through my contact form.

What if I can only send letters within my country or region?

If you are only able to send letters between US/Canada or the EU, please note so on the form. I cannot assure those outside those regions that their pen-pal will fit their location preferences.

What if I am uncomfortable with my pen-pal? 

If there is ANYTHING that makes you uncomfortable with your pen-pal, PLEASE contact me

What if I am only comfortable corresponding with someone of the same sex/gender as me?

If that is a concern, you may restrict your preferences so that your pen pal will only be the same sex/gender as you.


I love being a pen-pal. I love the mystery and sincerity of relationships. I love the smell of wax seals and aged paper. And I’m very excited for this.

 A big thank you to everyone who helped me plan or advertise this event!

Keep wandering,


Will you be participating? Do you have any questions? Talk to me! 

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